Monday, 30 July 2012

Esme's Temporary Leave of Absence

Hello there readers :) I hope you're all well and have been enjoying the brief bit of sunshine we have been having!

So, as I'm sure you have noticed, I have been absent from the blog for the past few weeks. This is because I have moved house! Only round the corner but as everyone who has ever moved knows, it is very stressful! Having moved about three weeks ago we had no internet, so several strongly worded phone calls to BT later and we finally have the world wide web again :)

I will be continuing with the blog as before and hopefully putting up some interesting posts for you all to enjoy. I think I may have another little reshuffle of the layout, content and style of the blog but more on that as it develops...

If there is anything you guys want me to talk about, just ask!

Happy reading!

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