Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Brush Cleaning - A Rainy Day Activity

Even though the weather is starting to perk up a bit, I still maintain that it still doesn't feel like summer as of yet so I will not be attempting to do any sun seeking activities until I'm sure the sun will stay out for more than half a day. 

So today, as I didn't really want to venture out today (mostly as the idea of deciding whether or not to bring a coat is too distressing!) I decided to do a few odd jobs that I hadn't got round to doing for a while. One of which was giving my make up brushes a good clean.

I only use two brushes everyday, a foundation brush and a power brush. 

What with my leaving uni recently and my parents moving house as well, I haven't even had time to unpack my suitcase let alone remember to clean my brushes! 

You can get special make up brush cleaning stuff but it can be quite expensive for what it is. For example MAC do a Brush Cleanser that's £8.50. I'm sure it's good but I just use Johnson's Baby Shampoo which I bought for £1 and works really well.

  • I start by using fairly hot water to give the brushes a good rinse then use a generous amount of the baby shampoo which I put directly on to the brush. 
  • I then swirl the brush around my palm, adding a bit of water occasionally to lather it up. 
  • Then I squeeze the product out of the brush and rinse it again with hot water. You can use warm water but I find that hotter water gives a better clean. 
  • I usually repeat this process twice, until the brush is completely product free and then give it one more wash to make it extra soft. 

Once the brush is clean, it takes a few hours or so to dry, so I just lay the brushes on some tissue and leave them to dry whilst I get on with my day :)

Happy reading!

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