Friday, 15 June 2012

Man Hands to Fairy Fingers

Yesterday was a terrible day. It was raining so hard that having a cheeky cigarette was somewhat of a mission. Think gale force winds, umbrella, lots of rain and a soggy cancer stick. It's enough to make me want to give up! So being basically unable to go outside without a considerable soaking, I decided make my nails look fabulous. The day before I had bought several new nail bits and bobs so was keen to try them out. And as someone who is not blessed with nice petite girlie hands (my palm is literally the same size as my head and I seem to inherited giant sausage fingers to add insult to injury), I like to paint them regularly to try and make them look more jazzy. So here is the result of yesterdays nail extravaganza :)

I started of with shaping, buffing and shining my nails with my new four-way nail buffer I procured from Boots for £2.00. Firstly you file the nails, then smooth the ridges away, then smooth the nails and finally shine the nail, which leaves the nail as a prepared surface for nail varnish.

I then moved on to a base coat. And on to one of my favourite products ever. OPI's Nail Envy. The best thing I have ever used on my nails and the product. It is marketed as a nail strengthener that you use once a day for a week or so and your nails will instantly become stronger and less brittle. And it has made a huge difference to my previously weak nails. But I'll do another post specifically on Nail Envy at a later date. However I also use this product as a base coat, which gives a fantastic base ready for nail varnish.

So after this, my nails are ready for some colour! I have recently become acquainted with nail polish brand Essie, which has recently gone from collections in high end department stores into a capsule collection in Boots and Superdrug at at slightly cheaper £7.99. My favourite colours right now are Lilacism and Mint Candy Apple so decided to mix up the two and create candy inspired nails :)

Mint Candy Apple and Lilacism on ring finger

 Lilacism with Mint Candy Apple on ring finger

After I had applied the polish, I was exited to try the product I have been coveting for a while, Seche Vite, a brilliant top coat I saw it when I was in Boots the other day, and despite the fact that my money is fast dwindling away, I had to get it and with it only being £9 (I actually thought I would end up paying a bit more for it) I thought "Screw you bank manager, I'm going to live beyond my means!" You apply it when the nail varnish is still wet and it dries within a matter of minutes and claims to be chip resistant for up to a week or so. And so far it has been great. The only problem I have had with it is that on two of my nails the Seche Vite has created a little air bubble, which isn't really noticeable just annoying! But otherwise, a fabulous product :)

You can't really see the super shine Seche Vite gives but I can promise you I have been wiggling my fingers all over the place to see them shine :)

I then decided my giant claws needed some moisture so I used a hand cream I bought for my mum last Christmas from L'Occitane which smells delish. Sadly they don't sell this scent anymore, as I think it was a special one for Christmas, but they have plenty more different options to choose from. This one pictured is the Cherry Blossom, or Fleurs de Cerisier. 

So after all of this my nails, and subsequently hands, are looking lovely and perfectly manicured. What I love about the Seche Vite is that it does make any home nail varnish session look quite professional. 

Have any of you ever used Seche Vite or any other top coat you have loved? Or have you tried any other colours from Essie that you've enjoyed? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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