Sunday, 24 June 2012

Feet Pampering or Esme's DIY Pedicure

Well even though it wasn't raining today, it was a Sunday so definitely not a day to be doing anything to over exert myself. So I decided, as my feet have been in dire need of some TLC, to give them a nice little treat. I do like to go and have a pedicure in a salon, as it's a nice thing to do for the summer months and a little treat for the tootsies (especially when they put the hot booties on you, that's great!). But as I am quite the pauper these days, at feet will have to be treated at home for now. 

Scholl Rough Skin Remover, Scholl Deep Moisturising Cream, Boots Toe Nail Brightener and Boots Hard Skin Remover.

So I gathered all of my foot care products together and ran a fairly hot shallow bath. My DIY pedicure is done in five stages.

Stage 1. 

Firstly I apply Scholl's Rough Skin Remover to my feet dry. I work the product all over my feet and then sit on the side of my bath and rinse the product off. Even in water the product is a little stubborn to come off so you need to make sure you give your feet a proper rinse. It's a good product and makes the top of my feet feel very soft and softens the skin on the underneath of my feet, making it easier to buff on my next step. 

Stage 2.

I then soak my feet in the bath for about three or four minutes so they go a little soft and then I whip out one of the best item anyone could use if they are giving their feet a pamper, Boots Hard Skin Remover. It is a little white brick made of some sort of pumice which literally does what it says on the tin, removes hard skin. And it removes it very effectively. After giving my feet a nice hot soak, I use the brick all over the bottom of my feet. I start with the skin on my heel, which can get quite hard and sometimes a little cracked so I spend the most amount of time buffing on my heels. Then I give the sides of my feet a good scrubbing and this leaves them feeling soft and smooth, no unsightly hard skin in sight! 

Stage 3.

Then I dry my feet and use the Scholl Deep Moisturising Cream. I use quite a generous amount and really work the cream in so my feet are as soft as can be! I also use the cream on my ankles, giving them a good rub. It makes my feet feel soooooooo soft, to the point where I generally make people touch my feet to see how smooth they are. A bit weird I'll admit, but I want people to know how silky smooth my feet are.

Stage 4.

It is then time for the Boots Toe Nail Brightener. This is a bit of a messy product, mostly due to packaging issues and the applicator brushes, but effective. One end is a nail condition gel and the other a nail brightener. So firstly you apply the toe nail conditioning gel to all the nails and wait for it to dry, then once it is dry, you apply the nail brightener. Due to years and years of applying nail varnish to my toes without any base coat my toe nails aren't as bright as I would like. As much as I hate to admit it, they are more on the yellowish side of white. Gross yes, but this product is turning things around for me :)

Stage 5.

Once my nails have dried from the toe nail brightening treatment I move on to making them look pretty. This time I chose Lilacism by Essie, a nice pastel shade for the summer. Or Britain's poor excuse for a summer at any rate. I used a basic Boots base coat, which I think was around £4 and come with a top coat as well, and then applied just one coat of the nail polish as I wanted it to be a more subdued colour for my toes. 

And that is how I do a DIY pedicure :)

Happy reading!

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